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Background Checks

A background investigation is about obtaining good information on a person. Who may want or need a background investigation? People who do online dating may need a background investigation to be done to verify who a person says they are. A couple who is considering hiring a nanny to watch their children must always hire an investigator to conduct a background investigation. Companies wanting to hire individuals for a job may want to conduct a background investigation for any criminal convictions and trade secret violations with former employers. We have investigators that go to each and every Courthouse in San Diego on a regular basis. We utilize databases that are only available to private investigators to obtain information to start your background investigation. Many background investigations require a creative approach and we may suggest surveillance and/or a trash pull in order to provide additional details about the subject of the background investigation. Regardless of why you need a background investigation, Medrano & Associates will provide you with experienced, professional advice from a licensed private investigator. Call us today so that we may help you with your background investigation.