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Proceeding phase one, client is required to send the following necessary documents: police reports, a chronology of circumstances of disappearance, background history or short biography of missing person to include all the items on our Missing Persons Bio Sheet. Upon receipt from the family the following is conducted:

The following is a summary description of the missing person’s investigation process to better assist families in understanding the general process. Please be advised that each case varies on discovery of theories based on fact-finding and according to each missing person overall scenario. The Phase One Missing Person process is designed to gather all critical and pertinent information as quickly as possible to assist us in preparing initial theories and circumvent inefficiency in phase two travel.

Review of Bio

Family shall provide for the following for review: medical records, law enforcement statements, and prior client or independent investigations. Thereafter, investigator will attempt to identify if the subject is missing because of foul play, human trafficking, or endangered and suffering from mental illness such as Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar or personality disorders that could create the missing to become delusional and a victim of homelessness. Other circumstances of disappearance could involve victim of domestic abuse, drug addiction, or alcoholism.


Geographical areas of interest based on urban or rural demographics.

Search Site

Develop area maps and integrating zone fields to include buildings, community interest points and areas conducive to the missing persons last two weeks of behavior.

Biographical and Psychological Analysis

Investigator reviews friends and relatives from 2 to 5 years prior to disappearance.

Create Missing Person Comprehensive Data Sheet

Our internal bio graphical analysis sheet will assist in the Phase One and Phase Two field investigation by compiling and detailing the missing personals identifying data, a tracing sheet of attachments to include personal information including financial, legal, medical, community, education and employment, vehicle and driver information, utilities, and communications.


Phase 2 Investigation Is the Travel Phase Following Phase One completion the investigation should uncover a confirmed or general address or area, and then the client may choose to proceed with Phase Two investigation. Phase Two involves traveling to the site area based on findings from Phase One.

The Following May Be Conducted:

  • Locating and interviewing witnesses.
  • Speaking with family and friends.

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