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Workers Comp Fraud

Aggressive Workers Compensation Investigation:

Whether you are self-insured or have coverage, aggressive investigation and surveillance of workers compensation will minimize your exposure to workers compensation fraud. We provide claimant statements, scene photography, supervisor statements and background research.

Defeating Workers Compensation Fraud:

The most crucial factor in defeating workers compensation fraud is effective use of surveillance to refute injury limitation claims alleged by the claimant. A picture tells a thousand words is the key factor when we deliver top quality video which clearly shows that the claimant is exaggerating or falsifying the existence or extent of an injury.

What You Get:

All workers comp investigations are delivered in professionally written, concise reports that give you a quick overview in the opening summary and solid details in the body of the report.

Who we work for:

We work for business owners and insurance companies. We at Medrano & Associates are here for you.