Child Custody Investigator

Providing discreet child custody investigations for over 25 years.

Medrano & Associates

Child custody battles are always deeply painful. Fighting for the right to be a parent is a daunting process, even when the decisions go in your favor. 

The more information you have available to you, the better your chances are of gaining custody. Hiring our child custody investigators at Medrano & Associates will ensure you have all available information for your peace of mind and case in court. 

We live and work here in San Diego California allowing us to work quickly and efficiently. Don’t allow yourself to think back and say could I have done more. Do more now. 

Child Custody Services

Don’t let your child go another day without you doing everything you can for their wellbeing! 

By investing in our child custody private investigator, you give yourself every advantage. Whether you are hiring our private investigator for child visitation or custody, you now have the advantage.

Conducting your own investigations is a sure way to get in front of a judge for harassment. This is why you need to hire our investigators. A professional private investigator for child visitation or child custody has years of experience and an extensive knowledge of their field. We can help improve your case without causing additional conflict.

Child custody issues have a serious emotional and financial toll, but you don’t have to fight these battles alone. These are life changing decisions being made upon you. You have the right to every possible piece of evidence to help you and your children.

You don’t want to be before a judge and being asked questions you don’t have the answers to. 

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