A Private Investigator

Hiring Private Investigators

I have over 33 years working in the legal industry serving San Diego California. Starting in 1990 working for an Attorney Service, then starting my first company in 1994. I then served as a Federal Police Officer for the Department of Defense. Now as your investigator. 

Mike Medrano PI San Diego

What to Expect

When hiring an private investigator

What Can't A Private Investigator Do?

During any surveillance there are actions a Private Investigator can not do. We are private citizens and not Law Enforcement although most Private Investigators come from a Law Enforcement background. Some of the things we can not do as PI’s are, act like we are Police Officers, bribe a person, break laws or driving violations and use GPS devices on vehicles not belonging to our clients. The only way we can use GPS devices is if our clients are on the registration as an owner of that vehicle. If a husband and wife are on the registration of the wife hires me to put a GPS on, then that would be lawful. It is a crime to use a GPS unlawfully punishable by a fine and County Jail.

Can You Guarantee I Will Get the Results I Want?

What Can't A Private Investigator Do?

There are never guarantees for a successful investigation. If you are guaranteed positive results, stay away from that investigator. I will always strive to do the best job possible for my clients, but I will only report what my findings are. I will never lie or add anything untrue to my reports. I am very ethical and honest. If what we are looking for in our case happens, then I will see it and document it. I charge for my time, not results.

How Should We Contact One Another?

What Can't A Private Investigator Do?

You have several ways of how I can be contacted. In many domestic cases, the client is still living with their spouse or significant other so an Investigator may not be able to call the client. I am available to be contacted by phone, text, email, skype, facetime, whatsapp and in person. If you are still living with your significant other and or on their phone plan, you may want to use other means of contacting me.

My Philosophy


Your Privacy Comes First

Your privacy is of the utmost importance and I take every precaution to be discreet.


Honest Communication

You are going through enough, you don’t need vagueness or lies. Truth & honesty!


Committed to Excellence

As a former Federal Police officer for the DOD, I am trained for excellence.