Mike Medrano

Private Investigator

Private Investigations


Over 30 years working in the legal industry serving San Diego California. Starting in 1990 working for Attorney Service, then serving as a Federal Police Officer for the Department of Defense. Now as your investigator. 

Investigative Office

Why Choose Me

Committed to you

I am a Native San Diegan married with 6 children. I strive to be the best Investigator I can be to help my clients resolve issues or to find the truth regarding their situation. I specialize in surveillance and really enjoy conducting surveillance on child custody and visitation cases. I love children and want each child to be safe. I realize that sometimes the Courts can get an individual’s case wrong regarding custody and visitation and that causes a need for a Private Investigator. I feel that I am the right choice for your investigation needs for several reasons. Number one reason is my 30 year’s experience.

Why should you care if an Investigator is local or not? First, if your Investigator is not local, he or she will most likely subcontract your case to a San Diego Investigator. Secondly, an Investigator in San Diego will know the geographical area they are working in. I use top of line hidden cameras, GPS devices, long range cameras and covert vehicles. I will not be caught surveilling people. I am also a seasoned Investigator that has testified in Court hearings numerous times and have never had my testimony stricken from a Court case. My promise to you is that by trusting me to handle your case, you will be satisfied. You are already in enough stress, let me take it from here. 

My Philosophy


Your Privacy Comes First

Your privacy is of the utmost importance and I take every precaution to be discreet.


Honest Communication

You are going through enough, you don’t need vagueness or lies. Truth & honesty!


Committed to Excellence

As a former Federal Police officer for the DOD, I am trained for excellence.