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There’s nothing more debilitating than having someone you love disappear. Every day is a nightmare as you hope the loved one turns up unharmed. The police do everything they can, but sometimes their workload is too much and your missing persons case is left unworked for days or even weeks. Time is of the essence in a missing persons case. When you’re desperate to locate missing persons in the San Diego area, consider hiring a our private investigators.

Our missing person investigations go to every length in their efforts to find your loved ones. The entire city of San Diego will be thoroughly scoured, and every lead followed to the end. There’s no lengths our private investigator won’t go to in order to find all missing persons.

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When you are desperate to do something yourself, we are there to do it with you!

Not only do our missing person investigations offer another way to find missing people, allowing you to be involved, but they can also give you peace of mind that everything is being done while your loved one remains missing. The worst part about this time is often the feeling of helplessness. It is extremely painful for many people to accept that someone they love is suffering, and yet there’s nothing they can do. When you hire our private investigator to find your missing persons, you take real action in the interest of helping your relative or friend.

Having a loved one go missing is awful, but you don’t need to suffer alone. Contracting Medrano & Associates to conduct your missing person investigations is assurance that everything possible is being done. Our professionals have worked these types of cases and they have the tools and experience to help find your loved ones.

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