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If you suspect someone of committing fraud related to workers comp, you need to know fast. The best way to ensure that nothing untoward is happening is by hiring an insurance fraud investigator. In the San Diego area, there’s no better solution than Medrano & Associates.

When you suspect someone of committing fraud with workers comp, it can be difficult to know where to turn. Our private investigators provide an optimal solution at competitive rates.


Workers Comp Fraud

Workers Compensation fraud cost San Diego over a $1 Billion dollars Each year.

A workers comp investigator knows exactly how to catch a fraudulent offender in the act. We have years of experience, and there’s no trick that we haven’t seen before. We work with San Diego based businesses, employing the right strategies to collect proof of fraudulent activity.

Private investigator insurance is the one thing protecting your company being ripped off. By hiring an insurance claims investigator like Medrano & Associates, you make sure that the scoundrels won’t get away with it.

You don’t need to lose money every month while layabouts and crooks rip you off. Not only will you end this injustice, but you’ll save yourself the money you would otherwise continue to lose to the thief.

Get the evidence you need for court by a trusted former Federal Police Officer. Not sure where or how to start? Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll help guide you.

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