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If you suspect someone of committing fraud related to workers comp, you need to know fast. The best way to ensure that nothing untoward is happening is by hiring an insurance fraud investigator. In the San Diego area, there’s no better solution than Medrano & Associates.

When you suspect someone of committing fraud with workers comp, it can be difficult to know where to turn. Our private investigators provide an optimal solution at competitive rates.


Workers Comp Fraud

Workers Compensation fraud cost San Diego over a $1 Billion dollars Each year.

A workers comp investigator knows exactly how to catch a fraudulent offender in the act. We have years of experience, and there’s no trick that we haven’t seen before. We work with San Diego based businesses, employing the right strategies to collect proof of fraudulent activity.

Private investigator insurance is the one thing protecting your company being ripped off. By hiring an insurance claims investigator like Medrano & Associates, you make sure that the scoundrels won’t get away with it.

You don’t need to lose money every month while layabouts and crooks rip you off. Not only will you end this injustice, but you’ll save yourself the money you would otherwise continue to lose to the thief.

Get the evidence you need for court by a trusted former Federal Police Officer. Not sure where or how to start? Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll help guide you.

workers comp injury

If you own a business and have an employee you believe is faking an injury, I may be of some great assistance to you. Although we all have workers compensation insurance, we don’t want any false claims to come up and have our rates go up. If you catch an employee faking an injury fast, you may be able to have that claim denied before it starts costing your business. I will conduct surveillance on your employee to see if they’re actually injured and not doing activities that they say they can’t do with an injury they are reporting. Past cases I have watched are individuals with back, knee, shoulder and neck injuries that prohibit such activities as running, bending and lifting. I have caught numerous individuals faking a work injury and having their claim denied saving the business owner thousands of dollars. I have once saved the City of San Diego an estimated million dollars on a fake claim from a former City worker that claimed a back injury. On the very first day of surveillance, I caught that person running a hauling business and obtained great video of heavy lifting and throwing items onto a flatbed truck. The City of San Diego was able to get the claim denied and the persons medical retirement taken away for fraud saving the City over a million dollars over the next 30 years of payments. Not every case will be like this. Some times an individual is really hurt and I will always report what I see. There is nothing wrong with checking on an employee to see if their injury claim is fraud. The employee will never know they are being watched. It is always worth a small investment to verify a persons workplace injury if you suspect fraud. It can payoff in the end.

Q: How can this help you

A: If you have a claim against your insurance carrier, finding out early of a potential fraudulent claim could save you in insurance premiums going up and payouts from a lawsuit. Hiring a Private Investigator to investigate an employee injury may save you thousands of dollars.

Q: What can’t you find out
A: Due to HIPPA laws, I will not be able to find out if a person has any other medical issues or a pre-existing condition or injury unless we conduct a Court records search and locate other lawsuits from that individual that state other injury related lawsuits.

Q: What can you find out
A: I can find out if a person is faking an injury by conducting surveillance on them and catching them on video using parts of their body or making movements they state they can not do due to a reported injury. I can usually see this by following the person to the store, medical appointments and by watching them at their residence. Some of my cases in the past that I have successfully caught were individuals that thought while being home that no one would be watching them do yard work or taking out the trash. I even caught a person that had reported a back injury and was set to start collecting100% disability for life. This person was caught running a hauling business on the side while collecting workers compensation disability stating that he could not physically work due to his injury. That case saved my client approximately 1.4 million dollars.

Q: Any legal issues
A: There are no legal issues conducting surveillance on a workers compensation, disability case as long as the investigator follows the privacy laws such as not using drones, trespassing and peering through closed windows. If the average person can something in public, the investigator can record it.this text in the module Advanced settings.