Workers’ Comp Fraud in San Diego protects your company from thousands in fraud.


Serving San Diego since 2008. Workers’ Compensation Fraud cost cost $1-3 Billion dollars annually in California alone. Having a highly skilled workers’ comp investigator working for you could save you 10s of thousands of dollars.

I am a retired Federal Police Officer for the Department of Defense and have been providing legal services since 1994.

Workers’ Compensation Investigator

Aggressive Workers’ Compensation Investigation:

Whether you are self-insured or have coverage, aggressive investigation and surveillance of workers’ compensation will minimize your exposure to workers comp fraud. We provide claimant statements, scene photography, supervisor statements and background research. Workers’ comp investigator, Mike Medrano, will provide you the evidence you need if fraud is taking place.

Defeating Fraud:

The most crucial factor in defeating fraudulent claims is effective use of surveillance to refute injury limitation claims alleged by the claimant. A picture tells a thousand words is the key factor when we deliver top quality video which clearly shows that the claimant is exaggerating or falsifying the existence or extent of an injury.

What You Get:

All investigations are delivered in professionally written, concise reports that give you a quick overview in the opening summary and solid details in the body of the report.

Who we work for:

We work for business owners and insurance companies. We at Medrano & Associates are here for you with highly trained workers’ comp investigators.

The Cost of Workers’ Comp Fraud

The cost associated with this type of  fraud is very high with estimates of $1-3 Billion dollars annually in California and  $6-7 Billion dollars in the U.S. Read more on convictions here.

Workers’ Compensation Fraud


ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!Mike goes WAY WAY above and beyond to get the job done! He puts in the time it takes to get the job done and done on time! Cannot say enough good things about him!!! Thank you so much Mike!!

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Best Private Investigator in San Diego

Best Private Investigator in San DiegoWhat makes an investigator the best investigator in San Diego? MEDRANO & ASSOCIATESServing San Diego since 2008. Workers’ Compensation Fraud cost cost $1-3 Billion dollars annually in California alone. Having a highly...