Medrano & Associates

Private Investigator in San Diego

Private Investigator in San Diego

Former Federal Police Officer for the DOD, Mike Medrano, provides investigative services in San Diego county. When you need discreet, professional and competent investigative services, Medrano & Associates delivers. 

Child Custody

Respectful and discreet child support and child custody investigative services.


Cheating spouse? Evidence based infidelity surveillance. 

Criminal Backgrounds

Personal and criminal background check by a former federal police officer.

Missing Persons

Our professional investigators find missing persons in San Diego!

Confidentiality Guaranteed

Anyone knowing I work for you is kept confidential. Read More.

Insurance Fraud

Through insurance fraud investigators in San Diego for Workers Comp fraud.


I will always work with your Lawyer

I will work with your Lawyer, I encourage that I work with your Lawyer and that our contract is between your Lawyer and myself to guarantee the Attorney/Client privilege. although you are the client, my agreement will be with your Lawyer. I will work with you and your Lawyer at all times.

Guaranteed Confidentiality

I always guarantee confidentiality on all of my cases. First, it is written in our contract. I will never discuss your case or disclose your case to any person you do not authorize me to discuss it with. This includes Police, Attorneys and anyone else including your family members. The only exclusion to this is a Court Order signed by a Judge. Even if I get approached by a person I am watching, or the police get a call of me being in the area, I will never say what I am doing. An extra added confidentiality measure we can take doing your case is to go through your Attorney if you are being represented by one. In this case I will have a signed contract between your Attorney and myself which then will be protected under Attorney Client privilege.

“Let me start by telling you that Mike is one of the best people you’ll ever have a chance to meet. He and his team care, deeply, about their work. They are patient, understanding, thorough and relentless. I understand things may not be going to way you planned if you need to use a team like Mike and his people. Or you may have something you need handles discreetly and professionally. You can do no better and need look no further than Mike and his team. Trust me, you’ll be glad you called them.”

Todd S.

“Mike was informative from the start explaining the procedures along with capabilities and limitations of surveillance.  Mike was honest and direct with his services.  While on the job, Mike continued his duties receiving critical information and actioning appropriately. Mike seemed to have the knowledge pertinent to produce evidence that was imperative to the clients goals. However from the start I was aware surveillance results may of produced nothing dependent of the situation. Mike was diligent in his duties prompting the success of evidence retrieval. In my situation my case was successful..”

Jesse T.

“Medrano and his team were incredibly resourceful in obtaining the information I requested. From making a plan to a last second call to action in the late evening: he and his team were ready to go.I believe that Medrano and his team uncovered the most crucial of details in my case, and I am grateful.

He was/is worth every penny. If you are on the fence about a private investigator, as I was, don’t hesitate to contact Medrano and discuss your case. You won’t regret it.

Thanks Mike.”

Cade W.